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2 Goddesses SPH (feat. Nikki Fetish)

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Do you have a tiny dick? Then you better buy this video, bitch! It's the only attention you'll ever get from 2 Goddesses like us :) Hurry up! We have real dicks we need to fuck while we think about you pathetically watching this video.

We make fun of your little dick, and tell you about the big dicks that actually get to fuck us. We laugh as we wonder what it must be like to jerk off with such a tiny dick. Do you only use two fingers? We'd feel bad if it wasn't so pathetic LOL!

Ugh, just get this video already loser and watch us tease you, because it's all you'll ever get from 2 gorgeous Goddesses like us. We do love teasing you though ;)

Starring - Kali Roses, Nikki Fetish

Length - 12:44 (MP4)

Quality - 720p

File Size - 805MB

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