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Custom Video Step 1 of 2 (Request Deposit)

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Want me to make you a custom video for one of your fantasies? Let me know what it is, and if it's something I'm comfortable doing, I'll make it for you!


  1. Custom Videos start at $500 minimum.
  2. Your $15 request deposit is non-refundable. If your request is ridiculous, illegal, or beyond my comfort level, I reserve the right to decline to film your request and your $15 deposit will not be refunded.
  3. If your request is reasonable, legal, and I am comfortable filming it, your $15 will credit towards the custom video price. I will instruct you as-to which additional pricing options (if any) to select on the Approved Requests purchase page based on your request.
  4. Custom Videos can take time for me to produce. By purchasing a Custom Video you understand that you will NOT receive your video immediately, and instead will receive the video when I am able to create it depending on my schedule.

Allowable Content Requests

Genres I Am Generally Willing To Film For Custom Videos:

  • Categories - Solo, Dildo Penetration, Dildo BJ, JOI, CEI, FemDom, Dom, Vibrator, Dancing, Teasing Realistic Dildo, Glass Dildo, Vibrators, or Butt Plugs
  • Fetishes (NOT ALL FETISHES. There are too many different interests that it would be impossible for me to try and list specific ones. I apologize in advance if you request something that I am not comfortable with, and I will make sure to update my Prohibited Content Requests List below as fetish requests come in that I am uncomfortable with.)
  • Your name included in the custom video (Extra $200)
  • Girl/Girl or Boy/Girl (Extra $1,000 Per Person Minimum - Length Of Video Determines Additional Fees)
  • Anal (Butt Plug Only - Dildo is an extra $300)

Prohibited Content Requests

Genres I Am NOT Willing To Film Under Any Circumstances:

  • NO Prostitution
  • NO Body Waste (Pee, Poop, Vomit, Blood, or Similar)
  • NO Underage Role-Play
  • NO Illegal or Borderline Illegal Content
  • This list is not definitive. Requests for content not currently included on my Prohibited Content Requests list can still be declined. I will update this list as necessary.
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